You can now pre-order “The Art of Showing Up’’

by Rachel

My second book, The Art of Showing Up, is going to be released on May 26, 2020, and is officially available to pre-order! You can find it below:


Barnes & Noble






As a general rule, pre-ordering is a great way to support an author you like, and whose book you’re planning to buy; pre-orders tell bookstores that people are interested in the book, which is a cue that they should carry it/stock a lot of copies.

As for book itself, here’s a little more about it (at least in its current form)! It’s inspired by this BuzzFeed post and is divided into two sections: how to show up for yourself and how to show up for other people. It covers topics like getting to know yourself and your needs, setting boundaries, showing up for yourself every damn day, being comfortable being alone, shooting your phone (but also keeping in touch), showing up for yourself when shit gets hard, having difficult conversations, making new friends, having better friend hangouts, dealing with a friend who is wilding out, handling weird/awkward friend group dynamics, and showing up for others when they are going through hard times. It’s mostly new material, and I’m very excited to bring it into the world! ✨


The Art of Showing Up