Just Good Shit: 04.14.19

by Rachel

Image: Kiyana Salkeld / Just Good Shit

Image: Kiyana Salkeld / Just Good Shit

This week, Just Good Shit went live and I published a bunch of new posts, which felt great! And even though the weather was pretty iffy, I got to spend lots of time outdoors and/or with the windows open, which felt amazing.

Here's more from this week...

On the blog


‘The Unthinkable Has Happened’, NY Mag.

Jayson Greene's writing about his 2-year-old daughter's death is so remarkable, and deeply moving.

AAFU: My boyfriend of two years ghosted me, The Outline.

"But what happened isn’t simply unjust, it points to something much more frightening — that love itself exists outside the framework of justice. There is no court at which to plead your case, no authority who can grant you recompense. ... There is nothing you can say to him to make him feel sufficiently guilty, nothing he could realistically say to you to take back the fact that he made the choices he did, no adequate combination of the right words in the right order to make any of this okay."

Psycho Analysis, Book Forum.

Every line of this is truly *chef's kiss*.

Sharing the Shame After My Arrest, The New York Times.

My IUD Ghosted My Period But Not My PMS, Cosmopolitan.

Is Your Wellness Practice Just a Diet in Disguise?, Healthyish.

"I’m not asking you to quit paleo or boycott your local SoulCycle. I’m simply asking you to question your motives and your impact—to consider what it could mean to eat intuitively instead of restrictively, to move joyfully instead of punishingly, and to rediscover what a relationship with food looks like without guilt or shame."

How OnlyFans Changed Sex Work Forever, The New York Times.

What It’s Like to Lose a Million Dollars to an Online Dating Scam, The Cut.

How to Be a Better Listener, A Cup of Jo.

The Slippery Slope of Dating Someone With a Trust Fund, The Cut.

Why funky ’70s-style fonts are popping up on brands like Chobani and Glossier, The Goods / Vox.

Pssst: The Just Good Shit blog header is Corben, a free variant of Cooper Black.

Here's a real-life example of an excellent cover letter, Ask a Manager.

This cover letter is so charming!


Our Planet on Netflix (so far, I don't think it's as good as Planet Earth, but it's still extremely dece), the Fashion Coward sketch on SNL, and this funny video.


Spring is here (ish)! Now is a good time to bookmark the NYC Street Tree Map.

Have a good one! 👋🏽

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